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Quantitative field

We select the most representative samples and propose the most suitable methodologies so that you can obtain truly representative data. We offer the best logistical support for interviews, whatever the methodology. We take care of every aspect of the quantitative field, from the initial brief to the delivery of the collected feedback.

What is it

The quantitative field aims to help the research in representing and understanding a certain market situation or to measure the intensity of a particular behavioural phenomenon. It is used to comprehend the level of satisfaction with existing products and services or the intention to purchase a new product. The quantitative field segment is also used to support the qualitative part with the aim of confirming the results of the first research.


Techniques of quantitative research

There are different techniques available for the research institutes depending on the objectives, all supported by Fieldgood services. In a product test, the sample is invited to a real test of the existing product on the market or of the new formula. In the concept test, we work on an idea or concept instead. There are also several methods used for the administration of the questionnaire: from personal interviews (CAPI) telephone (CATI) to web (CAWI).


We are able to conduct interviews on a random sample of individuals, or a selection based on a predefined target (age, gender, consumption, income, common size, etc.). We administer structured or semi-structured questionnaires with mainly closed questions.

The quantitative team

Our quantitative team is coordinated by 4 field seniors in Milan and Catania. We have gained significant experience, also internationally, on complex projects and recruitments. We take advantage of the collaboration of over 500 interviewers and supervisors throughout the country to ensure complete project outsourcing.

Areas of interest

Food, Finance, Automotive/ Mobility, Pharma/ Health care, Beauty/Personal Care, Luxury, Telecom, Energy, Lotteries

and much more…

Face-to-face interviews

For surveys with face-to-face interviews at home we recruit from the simplest target to particular profiles such as users of niche products, high incomes, etc.

Pre-recruited in Hall test

We offer in hall tests with in store, in home and mass-market retail outlets face-to-face interviews. We have the possibility to independently manage the accesses in some points of sale of the most important GDO brands in Italy.

Central location interviews

The many types of interviews proposed by Fieldgood include: interviews in central locations, shelf tests, sniff tests, product tests, and concept product tests. We organize personal interviews both with traditional methods (PAPI) and with links.

CAWI and CATI interviews

We carry out CAWI (online) and CATI (telephone) interviews through specialized and accredited partners with proprietary panels. We use the leading platforms for the administration of online interviews.



We have specialized resources and the means to computerize the questionnaire (script) and take care of the translations of all the material in any language.

Materials management

We find and buy useful products for research. Fieldgood also acts as a centre for material collection, sorting, blending and shipping of products to individual locations.

Guarantee of Cerqua quality controls.

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