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Two different solutions to make your market research more dynamic and flexible.

Online Focus Group


Community Platform




New online spaces,
same quality

Our team perfectly replicated the two rooms of a typical “focus group” location:

  • Focus Room dedicated to the moderator, the respondents and the note-taker;
  • Observer’s Room dedicated to the client and the interpreter.


On time


Safe & Certified

On time


Safe & Certified

We focus on you

From the first check with the respondents to our live technical support, our main focus is you and your client.

  • Quality checkfor each participant;
  • Introduction to any potential activities to undertake during the meeting;
  • Technical support for the moderator: briefing, training and live support;
  • Check to verify the compatibility of our technology with your client’s policies;
  • Customization of the platform based on the needs of your client;
  • Support to the client throughout each stage of the meeting.

Your meetings, everywhere in the world

Where doesn’t matter anymore, our multilingual team can manage your projects all around the world, in any language you need.

* the countries listed on the map represent all the meetings completed until 2021

From a simple meeting…

to a creative session.

Workshop – from big groups to small subgroups, our interactive whiteboard will make your sessions more productive and fun.

Workshop – from big groups to small subgroups, our interactive whiteboard will make your sessions more productive and fun.

Voice Morphing
& Face Blurring

Try our additional services of Voice Morphing and Face Blurring for the anonymization of the participants.

Thanks to the latest technologies we are able to offer to our clients different solutions if they wish to hide the identity of their respondents. The Face Blurring and Voice Morphing tools allow us to conceal the face and alter the voice, ensuring a total anonymization, in real time or post editing!

Trascriptions & Subtitles.

Our services will notleave you lost for words.


  • Transcriptions with timeline;
  • Video and transcriptions shareable via URL;
  • Pairing comments with respondent ID;
  • Export to word, txt, pdf.


  • Creation of customized subtitles (multilingual);
  • Embedded with the most popular videoconference platforms;
  • Export to SRT (multilingual).

Video Editing

Lights, camera, action! We take care of your video recordings making them perfect to the last details.

  • Tailored video presentations;
  • Video quality enhancement;
  • Equalization and application of audio filters;
  • Video Highlights – the best of…;
  • Filters for audio/video anonymization;
  • Video customization;
  • Subtitles integration.




Everything you need.

  • Countless types of tasks;
  • Activities journal, to plan your project;
  • Forum section, to create your discussion topics;
  • Interactive questions with the option to include images, video, surveys and much more… ;
  • Backroom for moderator, observer and client;
  • Report, chart, data exports in different formats;
  • Available up to 20 languages;
  • Discussion boards with @mentioning;
  • Gamify with custom points, levels and badges;
  • Accessible via PC, tablet and smartphone.
  • GDPR and other privacy regulation compliance.
Fully Customizable

All the tasks you need to achieve your goals.

Each activity can be automatically activated with the option to choose among more than 40 different types of tasks, allowing several combinations.

  • Text, Photo, Video
  • Image & Video reviews
  • Polls
  • Fill the blanks
  • Surveys
  • Drag & drop
  • Upload of multimedia files
  • Screen capture …. and more.

Stress-free formula!

Participant’s management
  • Participant’s invitations management
  • Check of each access to the platform
  • Daily check of active tasks
  • Public and private chats with the participants.
Script & Guide
  • Script of the questionnaire
  • Automation of all the activities
  • Upload of guidelines and instructions.
  • Exclusive training for the moderators
  • Live technical support during the whole project
  • Daily check of the respondent’s level of interaction with the platform.
Analysis & Reports
  • Report of each participant
  • Data Charts
  • Diagram, Heat Map, Word Cloud
  • Export of each completed activity
  • Transcriptions
  • Exports available in Excel, PDF, HTML.


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