Measuring customer satisfaction

Mystery Shopping

Having satisfied, loyal customers is more important than ever today. In order to understand how to achieve this objective it is important to find out what happens when a customer enters a store or requests a service. At Fieldgood we know how to tell you truthfully how a store, a service, or a shopping experience is perceived. We have refined Mystery Shopping over time to be able to capture and report back every nuance of the customer experience.

What is it

Mystery shopping is an “incognito” method of detecting the quality of services provided to end customers, including the sale of products, durable goods, cars, etc.

It is a strategic tool adopted by companies or public bodies whose aim is to improve staff performance and customer satisfaction.

 Before implementing the strategies focused on the customer experience, it is first necessary to understand the current and future needs of the customers, to then align their organizational processes with maximum effectiveness. Shoppers are trained to create real or simulated situations and have the task of detecting and monitoring the behaviour of the personnel involved in the provision of the service or sale.

In a store or branch, contextual elements or structural aspects will be objectively detected, such as assortment, display and cleanliness. On a subjective level, the mystery shopper will also detect the relational and behavioural aspects of the staff involved in reception and sales, or the experience of the simulation of the purchase of the product or use of the service

The Mystery Team

The Mystery team is coordinated by 3 project managers in Milan and Catania, all with significant specific experience, including in the management of on-going international projects. They evaluate the feasibility of each project together with the customer and define the operating procedures.

  • 2 Recruiters select and evaluate new resources in compliance with the necessary profiling.

  • 2  Field managers organize and train internal and external teams and plan the programming of each area.

  • 7 controllers analyse and edit the visits made. They check truthfulness and quality, and endorse the reports.
  • 5 Area Supervisors, as external support, flank the “Professionals” during the first visits and remain a reference point throughout the field.
  • Over 350 Mystery Shoppers trained and distributed throughout the country.

mystery professional

A unique team of Mystery Shoppers in Italy made up exclusively of highly profiled professionals. Thanks to their unique specific skills, they guarantee results totally centred on the required objectives. Our team is able to offer:

  • optimal programming

  • certainty of visits

  • immediate answers

  • rotation of professionals

  • speed of execution


Mystery methodologies

  • Sales

  • Sales Pro

  • Sales Vic

  • Shopper

  • After Sales

  • Repair

  • Test drive

  • Vin Control

  • Activation

  • Support

  • Recharge

  • Layout

  • Call

  • Lead

  • Web

  • Audit

  • Instant Feedback

The main merchandise experience sectors

  • Consumer
  • Automotive/ Mobility
  • Banking/ Finance
  • Mass market/ Restaurant
  • Telecoms
  • Games/ Betting
  • Beauty/ Personal Care


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