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Qualitative field

Understanding the motivations, trends and opinions of consumers or potential buyers with qualitative research is a very delicate job. Therefore Fieldgood gives every detail due importance, we plan precisely, we select the samples of respondents and we offer locations where everyone feels comfortable.

The objective of the qualitative field is to aid the research in understanding the motivations underlying user attitudes, behaviours and attitudes. It studies the activities, the contexts of use, needs, but also expectations or non-expectations. It is based not only on what people say, but tries to look deeper, and also map what they do and think.



Ascertain needs

Research institutes use qualitative field methodologies to ascertain consumer needs and to obtain initial reactions to ideas, product concept tests or copy tests. The qualitative field is also used in product tests or usability tests.

The Method

Qualitative surveys are conducted using a small sample of individuals. They generate qualitative data that cannot be analysed using a statistical or mathematical method. In fact, they interpret information and inspirations collected with respect to the project objectives and according to the sensitivity of the researcher.

The qualitative team

Our qualitative team is coordinated by 3 field seniors in Milan and Catania. We have gained significant experience, both locally and internationally, on complex projects and recruitments. We utilize the collaboration of supervisors and locations for the qualitative fields throughout the national territory, so that we can guarantee a complete management of the outsourcing of the project.

Areas of interest

Food, Finance, Automotive/ Mobility, Pharma/ Health care, Beauty/Personal Care, Luxury, Telecom, Energy, Lotteries

and much more…

Recruitment from client list or free finding

We have both internal databases and a network of consolidated collaborators throughout the territory. We can reach any target and an ample number of always-new people.

Focus groups and individual interviews

We offer all the services necessary for the best performance of qualitative investigations including catering, assistance, recording, product storage, purchase of complimentary gifts, recruitment simultaneous translators, PM services (drafting and translation editing), and the recruitment of moderators and psychologists etc.


The same quality of traditional services, on a latest generation web infrastructure. We offer services and platforms dedicated to the management of focus groups or online interviews.

online blogs

Fieldgood can manage the entire online blog service on an online platform or deal solely with the recruitment and management of respondents only.

Multilingual audio/video services

We always guarantee the highest quality for our audio/video recording service, also in a second language, as well as streaming and vision focus services.

online Panels

Fieldgood can also manage online qualitative surveys, through panels. We take care of the recruitment, management and maintenance of the panels as well as the management of the service of the online platform.

Guarantee of Cerqua quality controls.

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