The human factor is what makes field studies unique

Fields that arise from experience

For two generations Fieldgood has been offering fieldwork solutions for market research. We work alongside research institutes, professionals and consultants in both Italy and abroad, to obtain valuable results thanks to the quality of the samples selected for interviews and focus groups, the proposal of dedicated functional environments and the specific skills of our collaborators.

Qualitative fields

From retrieval to location, from management to controls and reporting, we organize qualitative fieldwork research that allows us to interpret the market throughout the country.

Quantitative fields

Interviews and tests on selected and perfectly profiled samples to measure consumer behaviour.

Mystery Shopping

Shoppers who are selected and trained to verify customer satisfaction and adherence to company standards of services and stores.


Supervision is part of every aspect of the job, from finding resources to interviews, from briefing to research material.


Multiple reliable and guaranteed, recruitment methods throughout the national territory.

Virtual Spaces

Virtual rooms for one-to-one interviews and focus groups even without physical locations.

We always listen to the right people

Today market research is fundamental for the development of brands and products. But in order for it to be really useful it is necessary for research is carried out professionally in all aspects. With our experience, we support Research Institutes, Professionals and Consultants in the Market Research sector for fieldwork solutions. We give utmost importance to the choice of people to be included in each project, the location and the training of the individual professionals involved. A professionalism that has localized our customers over the years and has allowed us to expand our services firstly throughout the country and now in Europe.


Directly on the waterfront of Catania, our historic office is a comfortable location that puts everyone at ease, facilitating the work of interviews, focus groups and product testing. A team of experienced professionals always ensures accurate and measurable results.


We have brought our quality standards to the most important square workplace in Italy with a multifunctional location equipped for focus groups, workshops, test centres, meetings and briefings. Fieldgood Milano is the new standard for fieldwork services.

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Field for qualitative and quantitative investigations, product tests, mystery shoppers, specific target finding. Find out about all that we can do for you.

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