We know how to listen, even to Social Networks

Social Care

We have developed an organized system for listening to and intercepting posts on the main social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, …). Our service offers direct and immediate contact with users and a rapid and effective response method. We are able to intercept possible alarm bells and therefore prevent crisis situations.

Our Social Care service helps strengthen reputation and brand image. In fact, it activates a positive and effective word of mouth and generates the satisfaction of users and clients for the level of service offered.

Thanks to listening, interception and receipt of requests, our clients have evidenced the most recurring themes in real time. A useful tool also to keep the FAQ updated with a view to improving customer satisfaction.

What we do

Fieldgood supports the client in defining the communication strategy for sorting and publishing responses on the monitored Social channels. We can also oversee the possible direct contact of respondents for the resolution of problems in critical cases.

We manage the comments and requests posted on the main Social platforms in public and / or privatly depending on the criticality. Competent and duly trained staff evaluate and take responsibility for every single comment, evaluating the most correct answer on a case by case basis.

Always present

Social networks are always active, they do not
observe timetables, or holidays. Actually these are the periods when the activity
becomes more intense. We know this well, that’s why we listen to the channels and publish responses throughout the day.
Including, when necessary, weekends and holidays.

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