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Meetingood is an exclusive service designed by Fieldgood for online focus groups and workshops.

No one knows these platforms better than our team!

The Meetingood’s team keeps enhancing the most popular video-conference platforms, combining them with our technologies and software.

We replicated online,
the experience
of a focus room.

Our team perfectly replicated the two rooms of a typical “focus group” location:

Focus Room dedicated to the moderator, the respondents and the note-taker;
Observer’s Room dedicated to the client and the interpreter.

From on-site to on-line

designed to offer you a hassle-free experience.

  • No need to install any additional software;
  • Maximum punctuality;
  • Compatible with all devices and operating systems;
  • Multilingual technical support;
  • GDPR compliant;
  • Adaptable to any method and type of meeting.

with the respondents.

Our team will contact individually each participant to:

  • Check their devices:
    • PC, webcam, mic
    • Internet connection stability
  • Share with them the rules to follow during the meeting (netiquette), focusing on punctuality and respectful behaviour;
  • Introduction to any potential activities to undertake during the meeting;
  • Emphasize the concept of “punctuality”;
  • Validation of all the necessary documents related privacy and GDPR.

With the support
of meetingood…

…the moderator only needs to moderate.

  • Technical support to the moderator;
  • Briefing, to understand any specific needs;
  • Introductory meeting to plan the project in advance;
  • Check to evaluate all the devices in use;
  • Introduction to all the functionalities of our platform;
  • Constant support before/during/after the focus.

It’s not a matter of where but when.

Where doesn’t matter anymore, our multilingual team can manage your project in any language you need.
We have successfully completed focus groups in:

The Perfect Online focus group

Our online rooms are versatile and fully customizable to suit any type of meeting.

Always by your side

Our multilingual IT team is always ready to take care of everything:

  • Room will be opened 30 min before the start of the focus;
  • Check all respondents have logged in correctly and immediately replace anyone missing with a scheduled replacement;
  • Provide constant support to the moderator and to the client for any specific request or issue;
  • Manage the audio-video registration with the option to integrate a customize multilingual transcription from audio to text.


  • All our platforms adhere to the GDPR EU regulations
  • Each meeting is always protected and encrypted by password
  • Any file generated during the meeting are stored in our private server (GDPR compliant)

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